The Wait Continues

The Wait Continues

Our second batch of custom packaging still hasn’t arrived yet which could cause us delays further down the line. We are still waiting. I guess there’s not much we can do about it though so no point dwelling on it. 

On the plus side, however, our tins arrived for our skin care range arrived and they look shit hot! Now all we need is the labels to be printed up for them and begin our advertising campaign to get them out there! We have plenty of time for this though because we haven’t actually planned to bring them out until around February time. 

The idea of handling every single area of a business, particularly a food and skin care one, can be a bit daunting. I definitely struggled a bit with this concept, maybe more than I realised. But in the last few months, I’ve relapsed that it’s pretty fucking easy. 

The biggest sacrifice you need to make in order to do this is time. Most people think they don’t have enough of it, but they do. I can say that comfortably because I was one of these people. I genuinely enjoy (nearly) every aspect of running my own start up business. Everything from designing packaging, to meeting customers, to handling the accounts is fun. It’s fun because it’s my own (well, half of it is anyway!). 

Since I took a step back and began observing this business as a whole, I really have been able to handle the responsibility so much better. Everything feels simpler and a lot more manageable. 

Having a plan was a game changer, personally. We’ve got a timeline, we’ve got deadlines and we’ve got clear goals now. Everything else just sorta falls into place now.  I guess that’s the lesson for this week if there is one.

Hopefully next week, I will have a lot more updates to write about but unfortunately, these things happen. 

Have fun and stay happy!

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