The Final Push of 2019

The Final Push of 2019

This week has been mental. Without having a plan, I found myself getting stressed out about all the things we still had to do if we were to achieve our goals for the end of this year. 

Luckily I took a step back, because if I hadn’t then we would never have been able to.

Last week, I wrote about how our custom packaging was due in. Well, they arrived and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! There were a few minor tweaks to be made here and there but overall, they have turned out amazing. I’m really proud of them. 

So now, I’ve made the necessary changes, had them approved by people close to me and we are now playing the waiting game for the second (and hopefully final) samples to arrive in. 

Never Assume

Our biggest surprise with this whole process has been the pricing. We assumed that ordering through Alibaba would be our cheapest option but in reality, that’s not been the case. The company we are planning to use (the ones we are sampling from) are almost half the price for better quality!

As I said, this week has been mental, man. We were working hard to achieve this very unclear and unplanned goal of getting the website, custom packaging and new product launched before I go to Tenerife for New Year but seemed to be getting nowhere. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t get the better of me. I was burnt out and had to take a step back for a day just to give my mind a rest.

Turns out.. it was the best thing ever because it made me realise that I was going the right way to NOT achieve the goal. So, I sat and drew up a plan from now until Christmas of things we had to do. I then organised them in order of importance and even more critical… order of timescale. 

For example: 

The samples take two weeks at most to arrive. From there, we need a few days to go over them before ordering a full order of them (around 1,000 units of each product). Then, when we finally do make a full order, that can take 3/4 weeks which would take us right up until Christmas. This would mean we have no time for photoshoots and promoting etc. 

If I hadn’t made this tremendous plan up, we were easily going to reach Christmas still in the sampling phase. 

So, my biggest lesson from this week has been – always have a plan. Don’t work blindly.

I’m so excited for the new samples to arrive, I really believe these ones are going to be the boy! 

2019 is looking like it’ll close on a high note, which is a great feeling. 2020 is going to be huge.

Have fun and stay happy!

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