Packaging, Products & Progress

Packaging Products And Progress


This week’s main focus is on custom packaging

Last week, we ordered our first batch of custom printed boxes from a company in England. They are due in at some point within the next few days. I’m nervous and excited at the same time because this has been months of design work for me! 

This is really just to see if they are going to work and to prove out the colours etc so if there are any changes that need to made then really, it’s no big deal. 

The biggest worry about them is the seal-ability (if that’s even a word). We sell food products, so we need to make sure the food will stay fresh inside. Right now, we use fully sealable stand up pouches which we can get a 3-4 week shelf life out of so we are hoping for the same results. 

I’m new to the whole design world but I’ve got to say that I’m really proud of the designs I’ve done. I just hope they turn out as good in real life as they look on screen! 

For us, this is major, man. To go from plain black stand up pouches with a sticker of our logo slapped on the front to having fully custom printed is huge. It akes us from a small start up business to an established company. 


Rather than sitting about waiting on the custom packaging arriving, we’re keeping busy by expanding the business. We have been developing a whole new product range for the brand.

In the near future, we will no longer just sell food products but we will also be selling skin care products too. Well, that’s the plan anyway! 

I’ve been busy designing the packaging for this. Really, all these need are a sticker to go on the lid of the tubs though so it’s pretty straight forward. Having the design for our food products finished, it’s actually been easy to design the skin care range because I’ve got a template!

Hopefully these prove to be as popular at full launch as they have been during our trial phase! 


Continuing the progression from bags and stickers to custom printed boxes, we have also decided to remake the whole website. Our current website was fully designed by me at the start of the year and holy fuck, I’ve definitely progressed since then, man! 

It’s too busy and loud, and in all honesty… a bit tacky. Not that I’m dissing it because I’m really proud of it. It was my first real website design and I’d say it’s not bad for a first attempt!

This time, we are using Shopify, which we weren’t able to do before because of their strict policies and the nature of our business! 

We wanted a clean, simple design that would let our products shine and I’m really happy with the progress! We aim to have that fully ready and launched by the end of the week. 

There’s a lot of positive shit happening right now, I’m excited to keep the momentum flowing right through to the end of the year so we can hit 2020 running! 

Now we just need to figure out our advertising issues…

Have fun and stay happy!

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